Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the Trading space can cause uncertainty at times, that’s why the Global Forex team has created a helpful FAQ list below, to offer you additional support when making important decisions.

Account Opening

We offer a state of the art verification process that will enable you to automatically verify your account without ever having to contact our support team. In the rare instances where you may need assistance, our friendly staff will verify your account once you send us a valid proof of identity, proof of banking details as well as proof of address. Please be sure to send us confirmation of your banking details to process your withdrawals.

Global Forex has over 30 years combined experience from industry experts and focuses globally with a specific focus on African clients. This is clear in the numerous offices and deposit and withdrawal options that we offer to our clients. No matter where in Africa you are we have a solution for you.

Global Forex aim to provide a variety of account types, enabling our clients to trade under their preferred trading conditions. Please note that each account type will have different margin requirements as well as added benefits.

Please follow the ink below to find more information on the different accounts we offer:

Option 1: Locate your Internal Account Transfers section at the bottom of your dashboard or
Option 2: Refer to your ‘My Wallet’ tab on the left-hand side menu of your screen.

Select from and to your desired fund destination,
Select the amount to be transferred,
Enter profile password and SUBMIT your request.

Global Forex does not offer services to US citizens nor US residents for tax purposes, as well as residents of certain jurisdictions such as Japan, Canada and North Korea.

Login details will be sent to your email address as soon as you have finished the registration section.


We do not have a minimum deposit amount, as the minimum equity required to open positions would depend on the margin requirements for the specific pair/stock/index you wish to trade.

We do not have a minimum withdrawal amount, nor do we have a maximum withdrawal amount!

Please kindly take business hours into consideration when requesting your withdrawal. During public holidays and over weekends there may be operational delays.
Please NOTE that most payments (withdrawals) are processed by banks during business hours. Therefore, even once Global Forex has processed the payment instantaneously, the banking turnaround time would still need to be taken into consideration. (Dependent on banks).

Please login to your portal for a full list of deposit options such as EFT, Card, MPESA, Bitcoin, Perfect Money to mention just a few. We offer the widest range of deposit options specifically focused on Africa.

Our withdrawals are approved almost immediately and payouts happen within hours. We pride ourselves in being one of the brokers whom pay out clients their profits in the shortest time.

Deposits are allocated almost instantaneously through our portal and mobile app so you can deposit and trade immediately.


You can sign up directly on our website under our partners tab.

We are one of the highest commissions payers in the industry and you can withdraw your rebates at any time. We also have a dedicated team of IB Professionals that help you with your business from building a website, hosting seminars, Online Marketing, Designing Banners to mention a few. These individuals are focused to take all these tasks away from you to ensure you can focus on sales.

Our goal for all our partners is to help them grow so that one day they too can open their own brokerage, if that is their aim. Our sister company, JP Technology, can assist with all the requirements to start your own brokerage.

We can also tailor make a structure to suit your individual requirements. Your success is our success!

This is our loyalty and referral program which gives every trader the opportunity to earn commissions on other traders when they trade. We all know a trader so why not get paid automatically and send them to trade with us and you will earn up to 10% of their deposits throughout their trading career. We are the first broker to offer a referral program of this sort.

Client Support

Once you have selected ‘Forgot Password’ please check your spam folders. Depending on your email settings, it may not appear in your primary inbox.

To reset your password, go to

Select ‘Login’.
Select ‘Forgot Password’
Enter your email address and select ‘Reset’
You will receive email instructions to reset your password.

We do not trade on behalf of clients, nor do we offer any trading signals.

Global Forex is not a financial or tax advisor. We do not withhold taxes. We recommend you to discuss this with your private tax consultant.


The markets generally closes on Fridays at 23:00(GMT+2) and open on Sunday 23:00(GMT+2) however this may vary depending on market conditions as well as any international public holidays affecting the market times.

A margin call is when your margin level falls below the margin threshold for the specific position/positions you have running. Should your margin level fall below this threshold, one or more of your open positions will usually be closed in order to maintain the necessary margin requirements.

Liquidity Providers may adjust margin requirements depending on the current market conditions.

Leverage increases the trader’s buying and selling power by providing traders with “borrowed” capital.

Leverage is the capital provided by the broker to increase the trader’s possible return on investment . It is important to remember that leverage can significantly increase your return on investment, however, it also increases your risk.

Spread is the difference between the “buy” and “sell” price. This may vary dependent on the market conditions.

Swaps generally refer to the interest you are charged for keeping your trade open overnight. It is important to note that you may earn positive swaps under certain market conditions.


Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) using Contracts for Differences (CFD’s) is highly speculative, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may sustain a loss of some or all of your invested capital, therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin before using any of the services.


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